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We advocate for our clients before US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), US Department of Labor, US State Department, and US consulates. We know how to navigate through these government offices, the people, the processes, the regulations, and the standards. We offer immigration lawyer free consultation!

What we Do

Family-Based Immigration

Immigration to the US is possible for a foreign family member or yourself, if you have a relative who is a US citizen or is a permanent resident of the US. As immigration attorneys, we can help you file a petition for US citizenship, fill out a US visa application, and get a green card. Schedule an immigration lawyer free consultation today and we will answer all of your questions!

We understand all the immigration forms and how to submit them. Our family-based immigration practice centers focuses on the following areas of expertise:

  • Immigration and Naturalization
  • Immigration Forms
  • Permanent Residence Cards
  • How to Get a Green Card
  • US Visa Applications
  • International Adoptions
  • Immigration Sponsorship
  • Immigration Litigation

We have offices across the US and offeer free consultation with immigration lawyer nyc, immigration lawyer los angeles, immigration lawyer atlanta.

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Employment-Based Immigration

Immigration to the US is possible for people with employment opportunities in the US and for US companies wishing to sponsor someone to become a permanent resident based on an employment opportunity in the US. As immigration attorneys, we guide clients through the employment-based immigration process.

Our immigration lawyer free consultation will help you identify the best options for obtaining work authorization status and a permanent resident card. We develop strategies for employment authorization, either temporary jobs or permanent employment.

We work with individuals, persons of extraordinary ability, essential workers, company executives, business managers, trainees, and students to help them understand US immigration and how to comply with immigration laws and practices.

Our employment-based immigration practice centers on the following areas of expertise:

  • Immigration Eligibility Requirements
  • Immigration Application Forms
  • Labor Certification
  • Work Visas
  • Work Authorization Sponsorship
  • Work Authorization Status Changes
  • I-9 Forms
  • Deemed Export Compliance

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Global Entertainment-Based Immigration

As today’s entertainment market has expanded globally, so has our global entertainment-based immigration practice. We represent people with extraordinary abilities in music, film, television, stage, athletics, business, academia, fashion, print media, and the arts, among others, and the employers who hire them. As immigration attorneys, we help these talented individuals with US entertainment visas, green cards, temporary jobs, and permanent employment. We help them decide which visa is right for them. We help get visas for their family members and employees.

If you are an employee, schedule an immigration lawyer free consultation with us. We will help you draft letters and develop preliminary contracts for government officials for the immigration and naturalization of these people with extraordinary abilities. Our entertainment law practice, with its vast array of entertainment companies and individuals, coupled with our immigration law practice, offers entertainment industry contacts and introductions that cannot be beat. We are experienced in obtaining all types of entertainment visas, including the O visa, P1 visa, and H visa.

Boddie & Associates

Immigration Law and Litigation

Immigration to the US can often be complex and difficult. As immigration attorneys, we are experienced in all immigration and citizenship matters. We guide people through the immigration process and the US legal system with ease and confidence.

We are frequent speakers on immigration law at companies with global operations who must comply with regulatory and financial reporting guidelines in the US.


Schedule immigration lawyer free consultation today!

Our immigration law practice deals with a wide array of immigration problems, including the following:

  • Deportation and Removal
  • Refugee and Human Rights Matters
  • Asylum Seeker Cases
  • USCIS Immigration
  • H-1B and H-1B1 Visa Compliance
  • I-9 Form Verification
  • Immigration Discrimination

Immigration Lawyer Free Consultation

We are a solid team of immigration lawyer nyc, immigration lawyer Los Angeles, immigration lawyer Atlanta. We love to get things done quickly and effective! If you have any questions feel free to contact us to receive a free consultation today!
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