Boddie & Associates is different from most law firms. We are small, nimble and get quickly the point with a get-it-done attitude. We do not waste a client’s time by focusing on what can’t be done. Instead, we seek ways to make it work and produce the desired results. We know the end game and get our clients there, smoothly, safely, lawfully and within the confines of US regulatory compliance.

We offer four practice areas including:
Our clients include some of the world’s leading financial institutions, private equity investors, venture capitalists, brokers, hedge funds companies, companies in transitions with mergers and acquisitions, global businesses headquartered in the US, Grammy-nominated musicians and singers, top music producers, record labels, Oscar-nominated producers, directors, actors, film production companies, independent entertainment companies, network and cable broadcast television companies, book authors and publishers, fashion designers, fashion models, people with extraordinary abilities, and others wishing immigration to the US, individuals and companies who need safe, reliable and legal method of transferring funds domestically or for international financial transactions.

Due to the cross-over value of relationships in global entertainment, finance and immigration, we have been useful in helping our clients establish themselves, further their careers, launch their companies, finance and grow their business ventures, even to the point of introducing and trading their stock on the US markets.

We are committed to providing a level of service that exceeds expectations. We respond quickly when our clients want us. We provide advice that is understandable, thorough and practical, with reasonable alternatives. And, we will prosecute to the full extent of the law to protect our clients and their creative endeavors.