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This article talks about O 1 visa usa, also called extraordinary ability visa, artist visa usa, entertainment visa usa, talent visa usa. Everything you need to know in one piece! What is 01 visa, O1 visa requirements, pros and cons, O1 Visa Processing Time and fees. 

Types Of O VISA

O VISA Criteria

O VISA  Processing Time


Thousands of talented People Immigrate to USA every Year! 

So you have an extraordinary ability!? You are looking for ways to move to the United States? You know that America is the land of dreams and you are ready to share your talent and art with the world? 

Thousands of talented people have already made it in the US and you can be one of them! 

Here is a problem! Talented people often get confused when it comes to choosing a legal way to stay in the United States. Some of them become College students.  And pay $60,000 in tuition fees only to get a student visa for a limited period.

Others apply for asylum and depriving themselves of opportunity to ever come back to their own country. None of these visas give a chance to pursue their dream, build a career and succeed in what they really want to do.

But there is a great answer to this problem – and it’s O visa – Extraordinary Visa

Why O Visa? 

O1 visa allows you, your family and your team to legally live and work in the United States.

Today you got lucky and you know why? Because we are the #1 O1 Visa Lawyer Offices in the US! We have never received an O visa denial in the history of our law firm! Thousands of our clients are now legally residing and working in the United States. They are getting into the charts, walking on the red carpet, selling their bestsellers books and much more! And we will be happy to help you with your first steps to the dream!

We made it easy for you! In this article you will find everything you need to know about O visa! Here is your step by step guide about how to get an artist visa usa and move to the US! Stick with us to see if you qualify and can start pursuing your artist career in the United States today! 

What is O 1 visa?

O1 visa (also called extraordinary ability visa, artist visa usa, entertainment visa usa, talent visa usa) is a non-resident visa for people with extraordinary abilities. What is considered extraordinary ability? It means that you have achieved distinction and/or gained national or international recognition within a certain field.

For example, arts, television, sports, business, education, science and etc.

O1 visa is issued for a period of three years. It can be extended for one more year upon expiration. As of 2019, there is no limit on extensions. This means that you can apply for extension as many times as you need.

In order to get an approval for extension o1 visa holder has to demonstrate that he or she is still working within the same field for which the original visa was granted. 


There are 4 types of Extraordinary Visa (O visa )

There exist four categories of O visa. They depend on the activity or function you are planning to fulfill upon arrival in the United States. 

O1 A Visa – is a visa for people who have extraordinary abilities in education, science, business or athletics. 

Who can qualify: scientists, researchers, athletes, entrepreneurs, business owners

O1 B Visa is a visa for people who can demonstrate extraordinary achievements in the arts, motion picture and television industries. 

Who can qualify: actors, musicians, directors, producers

O2 Visa is a visa for people who will accompany an O1 visa holder and assist in his or her activity in the US. O2 Visa applicants should be able to prove that they are an integral part of the specific event or performance. They need to show that their assistance is essential in the completion of the project. 

Who can qualify: producers, managers, assistants, music band

O3 Visa is a visa available for spouses and children under 21 who can accompany O1 visa holder. But they are not allowed to accept employment under O3 visa

Who can qualify: lawfully married husband or wife, and children under 21

Who qualifies for 01 visa?

People who can demonstrate and prove extraordinary ability in their professional field can qualify for O1 visa. There are two ways to do it: 

#1 You have to be nominated and /or receive a major national or international award or prize in your field 

#2 What to do if you have not been nominated for and/or received any significant awards or prizes?

In this case, you will have to satisfy at least three of the criteria listed below. Besides, you would need to provide sufficient evidence supporting each of them.

1. You are a member of an organization whose membership requires outstanding achievement. 

2. Your work has been featured in mainstream media or in professional publications. The publications should have distinguished reputation.

3. You have received a significant recognition for achievements in your field. You can provide references from critics, organizations, government agencies, or other recognized experts.

4. You have made a significant original contribution in science or business.

5. You have served as a judge of others in your field or a related field.

6. You have performed in a leading or critical role for well-known organizations and establishments. You can provide a record of your participation in newspapers, trade journals and other publications. 

7. You can provide a record of major commercial or critically acclaimed success of your product. For example, rating, sales statistics, publications in journals and newspapers. 

8. You command a high salary for your professional services compared to others in your field.

* You can provide any other relevant evidence of extraordinary abilities and exceptional expertise in your field that are not covered by any of the above listed criteria.

Find out if you qualify for O visa?!

Fill out the form

What’s interesting about the criteria is that they work as a checklist. Once you meet three out of eight, the case officer will most likely stop reviewing your application. It’s important to remember though that you receive no credit for partially fulfilled criteria. So make sure to provide comprehensive evidence to meet at least three criteria out of eight and get your artist visa usa approved. 

O1 Visa Requirements

At this point you should know if you qualify for O visa. Before starting to pack your suitcase, here is a list of O1 visa requirements you also need to keep in mind. 

When applying for o1 visa you need to prove that you are coming to the US to continue working within a field of your extraordinary ability. 

For example, you are an actor and you want to apply for artist visa usa. Your application for o1 visa should state that you are coming to the United States to participate in a movie project and not working for a Design company. 

The second requirement is to make sure that your work in the United States qualifies as an “event”.

For example, a movie project, a book tour, an album record or a traditional employment. The definition of the event is pretty broad. We would recommend getting advice from a lawyer in order to meet this requirement. 

Note: an artist visa usa holder is not permitted to engage in any freelance or self employment work. To get o1 visa approved, you need to provide evidence of the work you are planning to do in the United States. A signed contract may serve as such evidence. 

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to have a US employer or US agent. One of O1 visa requirements is that you are not permitted to submit a petition on your own. That is why you are going to need a representative in the United States. He or she would be able to file a petition on your behalf. 

Good thing is that even if you are planning to work and collaborate with multiple employers, you will only require one US agent to file a petition for you. 

What is the O1 Visa Processing Time?

Getting 01 Visa is a relatively quick process. Besides the o1 visa processing time is manageable and can be expedited by your lawyer if needed. First of all, your employer or sponsor would need to submit an I-129 form with USCIS on your behalf. Make sure to consult with a lawyer to include all necessary documentation and increase your chances of getting an approval. 


On average, the I-129 form takes up to 6 months to process. It depends on several factors. Firstly, what service center is processing your application. And secondly, if you are currently in the United States or abroad. 


Let’s say you are abroad at the moment of submitting a petition. In this case you would have to go through a consular processing. This means that you would schedule an appointment with the U.S. embassy in your country and have an interview with an officer. 

If you are in the US on a different visa, then the status of your visa will automatically change as soon as your O1 visa petition is approved. 

Can I expedite the O1 visa processing time

If for some reason you can’t wait for six months, you have a right to expedite your petition. In this case you would opt for premium processing service. This feature is optional and is provided by the USCIS on request. Applicants are allowed to have their petitions processed within three working weeks for an extra fee. You should keep in mind though that premium processing service does not increase your chances of being approved. 

How much does O1 visa cost

Below you will find the O1 visa cost and all mandatory processing fees as of 2019. 

I-129 form filing fee is $460. You will pay the same amount every time you file the petition including extensions and amendments. 

DS-160 filing fee is $190. This payment will be required when using consular processing outside of the United States. 

Optional premium processing will cost you $1,410. This amount can be covered by you or your employer.

Attorney fees – varies for each specific case and should be discussed with the lawyer directly. 

O visa extension fees

A new I-129 petitions is going to cost you $460

I-539 filing fee is $370. This fee only applies to applicants extending the status for their spouses and dependents under O2 visa or O3 visa. 

If you are looking into going from O1 visa to green card please contact our office for more information. 

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