“We provide financing through structured instruments that are sold on the open market for projects such as alternative energy, precious metals, technological advancements, shipping and senior housing. Corey Boddie has worked with us for two years preparing agreements, promissory notes, and legal correspondence; negotiating stock transactions and holding stock for safe-keeping. He gets to the point, doesn’t waste our time, and gets it done.”

– JS, 2012, ABC Capital Development
We offer smart legal representation for corporate and securities transactions, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital funding, hedge fund creation and management, and SEC compliance, for both domestic and international dealings.

Whether a small organization with just a few people or a global conglomerate with operations in many countries, a business needs smart financial and legal representation. We offer advice on the procedural aspects and legal consequences of financial transactions.

Boddie & Associates is different from most law firms. We are nimble and get quickly the point with a get-it-done attitude. We do not waste a client’s time by focusing on what can’t be done. Instead, we seek ways to make it work and produce the desired results. We know the end game and get our clients there, smoothly, safely, and within the confines of regulatory compliance.

Our securities practice has six different areas of focus, including the following: