Immigration Law


“I contacted Corey Boddie through friends who recommended him. I am finishing my university education in a few months but already have a growing freelance business as a graphic designer to entertainers and the fashion industry. Corey helped me get an O-1 Visa so I can work and travel freely between my home in Germany and the US. It’s the best situation for me as I build my career, providing the most freedom.”

– DJ, Graphic Artist, 2013
Our immigration law practice addresses family-based, employment-based, and entertainment-based immigration representation, including immigration litigation. We offer assistance with the application, process, updating of all matters concerning immigration to the U.S. Our client also include global companies dealing with employment, labor, export rules, treaty investors/traders, and training in immigration procedures and regulations.

Immigration to the US is possible for a foreign family member or yourself, if you have a relative who is a US citizen or is a permanent resident of the US. Immigration to the US is also possible for people with employment opportunities in the US and for US companies wishing to sponsor someone to become a permanent resident based on an employment opportunity in the US.

We represent people with extraordinary abilities in music, film, television, stage, athletics, business, academia, fashion, print media, and the arts, among others, and the employers who hire them. As immigration attorneys, we help these individuals with US entertainment visas, green cards, temporary jobs, and permanent employment. We help them decide which visa is right for them. We help get visas for their family members and employees.

Immigration to the US can often be complex and difficult. As immigration attorneys, we guide clients through the immigration process With ease and confidence. We are frequent speakers on immigration law at companies with global operations who must comply with regulatory and financial reporting guidelines in the US.

We advocate for our clients before US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the US Department of Labor, the US State Department, and US consulates. We know how to navigate through these government offices, the people, the processes, the regulations, and the standards.

Our immigration law and litigation practice has four different areas of focus, including: