Entertainment Law

For almost 20 years, we have been involved in a wide array of entertainment law sectors including music, film, television, theater, fashion and print media. We are also involved in entertainment finance and investment. Our legal work runs the gamut from representing an entertainer during contract negotiations, to helping fashion businesses protect their trade secrets, and to supporting print media entrepreneurs become skilled at navigating the emerging electronic marketplace. Our numerous industry contacts support our ability to make entertainment industry introductions and help newcomers develop the relationships they need to launch and evolve their careers.

Our clients include individuals and companies in music, film, television, stage, print media, and fashion such as Oscar-nominated directors and producers, production companies, managers and support personnel, Grammy-nominated musicians, actors, performers, reality personalities, top music producers, authors, fashion designers, fashion models, and the like.

Our entertainment law practice focuses on the following areas of expertise:
Music Industry

We use our music industry contacts and years of experience with music producers, publishing companies, songwriters, artists, musicians, managers, distribution companies for music, record labels, and others to shape, grow, and maintain music careers. We navigate our clients with confidence, as insiders, through the complex world of the music industry. We know how to contact major record labels. We have contacts with the major independent labels and major hip hop record labels. We have contacts at all the major music distribution companies. We protect our clients and their intellectual property.

Our music industry entertainment law practice focuses on the following areas of expertise: