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Reasons to Use a Wine Lawyer for Contract Negotiations

A wine lawyer is a lawyer that has a few different responsibilities in the world of viniculture. A wine lawyer has the opportunity to regulate the production and sale of wine, draw up agreements based on labeling, the classification of wine, and the winemaking process, and regulate disputes over fraudulent activities. In addition to these […]

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Whats Kinds of Cases Does a Wine Lawyer Handle?

Wine has been a cherished beverage for many centuries. People love to drink wine with their meals. They find that the complexities of this substance can help enhance the taste of nearly any food imaginable. The right wine can be paired with a series of courses at a restaurant in order to help create a […]

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The Benefits of Having a Wine Lawyer on Retainer

If you happen to own a business that involves alcohol, it is always best and the smartest idea to have a Wine Lawyer on retainer. Alcohol tends to bring out the worst in people and sometimes those worst moments can cause distress and problems to your business; it is always best to be on the […]

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Who Needs an NYC Wine Lawyer?

One of the most interesting types of law is also one of the most mysterious. Believe it or not, but there is such a thing as a wine lawyer. As you probably know, the wine industry is massive – not only in the United States, but around the world as well. If you live in […]

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How to Choose a Wine Lawyer in Atlanta

When it is time to get your wine business off the ground, one of the first things you need to do is to speak to a wine attorney in Atlanta. Let’s face it. You may know what fantastic wine tastes like, how to grow it, and even the very details of sunlight and soil management, […]

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Wine Law In New York City

New York`s wine industry is constantly developing and is expected to further grow, thanks to the amendments in the wine industry law regarding the farm winery licenses. The cost for winery license, which allows the holder of the license to manufacture and sell their wine to the retailers or wholesalers, has been significantly reduced. The […]

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