Blog Topics

The Securities section of our blog discusses how we can assist those who need smart legal representation for corporate and securities transactions, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital funding, hedge fund creation and management, and SEC compliance, for both domestic and international dealings.

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) Transactions
Read more about Standby Letter of Credit Transactions on this section of the blog. Our law firm is experienced in representing clients who are seeking or have obtained a standby letter of credit.

Immigration Law
Read through our immigration law blog here. We offer assistance with the application, process, updating of all matters concerning immigration to the U.S.

Entertainment Law
Read more about Entertainment Law on our blog here. Our entertainment law practice focuses on stage, film, television, print media and fashion celebrities, producers, directors, production companies, agents and managers, production companies, broadcast networks, publishers, internet, and all aspects of contracts, agreements, finance sources, intellectual property protection, publicity, privacy, and industry connections.

Escrow and Paymaster Services
Read more about Escrow and Paymaster Services on our blog. We facilitate financial transactions, both domestic and international, through attorney-supervised escrow and paymaster services.

Wine Law
Read more about Wine Law on our blog. Our firm provides expert legal services for the alcoholic beverage, the hospitality industries and wineries on alcoholic beverage issues in New York and California.